I Am the Jungle: A Yoga Adventure – Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

With everyone sitting in front of screens for so many hours each day, I thought it would be refreshing to feature a gorgeously illustrated book that’s easy on the eyes while encouraging your inner yogi to get out of the chair and take off on a jungle adventure.

Text ©️Melissa Hurt, Illustration ©️Katy Tanis

The story opens with a classroom of kids, each being a “wild child” in some way, who are ready for some action.

Text ©️Melissa Hurt, Illustration ©️Katy Tanis

The journey begins:

I inhale as I sweep my arms out to the side and overhead.

I gently arch my back and gaze toward the sky…

Text ©️Melissa Hurt, Illustration ©️Katy Tanis

And proceeds through mountain, tree, half moon, goddess, forward fold, lion, cobra, seated forward bend, fish, and bound angle poses, finishing up in a seated, cross-legged pose, feeling like a cloud.

I, for one, feel better having gotten up out of my chair to do this sequence before writing this post. My mind is more clear, my attention more focused. And I’m ready to get back to my screen.

One of my favorite images depicts a child butterfly sitting atop a pile of books. I could see a teacher or parent reading this book as children move through the poses, like a guided meditation.

Text ©️Melissa Hurt, Illustration ©️Katy Tanis

My only issue? I didn’t want to leave the last pose, where I got to visualize myself as a cloud.

I’m sorry that my sad photos don’t convey the true vibrancy of Katy Tanis’s illustrations. But they are truly gorgeous.


Use the book to guide kids through the yoga poses in jungle mode.

Pair this book with I AM PEACE: A Book of Mindfulness by Susan Verde.

Use the World Wildlife Fund templates for making origami animals.

Title: I Am the Jungle: A Yoga Adventure

Author: Melissa Hurt

Illustrator: Katy Tanis

Publisher: Sounds True, 2020

Ages: Preschool-5th grade

Themes: yoga, movement, jungle animals

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12 thoughts on “I Am the Jungle: A Yoga Adventure – Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

  1. Sue Heavenrich says:

    everyone needs a yoga break! I hadn’t thought of “jungle poses” but yeah, I can totally see them. And laying on a cloud at the end… I would want to stay there, too!

  2. Ste J says:

    I love the selsction of colours on the cover. Yoga is something that I have never tried but would probably give a go at some point. Encouraging children to it is a great idea, especailly if it helps parents bond with them away from screens too.

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