Everybody’s Favorite Book – Perfect Picture Book Friday

And now it’s time for—

I know what you’re thinking: that’s a pretty tall order, isn’t it? Everybody’s Favorite Book! Just how does one achieve this level of perfection?

By giving the customer everything they want, in succession, of course! And in sometimes over-the-top silliness that is sure to leave those tykes rolling on the carpet.

Do you like spacemen? Ninjas? Cowgirls?

This book has….

You like robots, dragons, pirates?

Or maybe the color pink?

Princesses? Guinea pigs named Snuggy that are really, really, really big?

Have a baby in the family? This is an alphabet book, a—

wait! Where did Bob, the Ninja Spacecow, go?


This book is also educational. There are vocabulary lessons that will appeal to librarians and teachers. Anyone like spunky spy kids, poop jokes, and crafts? Fairy tales? Wizards? Zombies? Yes!

Once you have this book in your possession, you will never, ever need another.  

And Snuggy? Well, Snuggy’s the character who brings it all together—ah—literally. 

One more thing. Be sure to keep and eye out for Snuggy. You may end up needing another book after all.

Claire Almon’s vibrant and expressive illustrations are a great match for this over-the-top tale. It is now (one of) my favorite books!

Title: Everybody’s Favorite Book

Author: Mike Allegra

Illustrator: Claire Almon

Publisher: Imprint, Macmillan, 2018

Ages: Preschool-2nd grade

Themes: Humor, Guinea pigs, “The Kitchen Sink”

For more perfect picture books, visit Susanna Hill’s blog. 



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