Penguin & Tiny Shrimp Don’t Do Bedtime! – Perfect Picture Book Friday

It doesn’t matter that they’re wearing their jammies. It doesn’t matter that they’ve taken a bath and are then brushing their teeth on the dedication page. No, none of that matters. Penguin and Tiny Shrimp want you to know:

And so the great anti-bedtime saga begins. Penguin and Tiny Shrimp tell us a bold-faced fib that there’s no room for bathtime or toothbrushing in this book.

“Hit the road, Ducky!” says Tiny Shrimp, then tosses a poor little rubber ducky off the page. 

And there are no soft beds, cozy covers, or super-squishy pillows, either. Except we see Penguin and Tiny Shrimp bouncing on the bed, see them landing in those covers and squishy pillows. 

Penguin and Tiny Shrimp want you to know what this book DOES have: fireworks, running through the Serengeti, sailing through shark-infested waters, and a host of other nonstop hilarious activities and action.

They promise that the one thing this book will never do is make your tired. It will never make you y-a-w-n……

Your eyelids won’t get heavy at all….

This book will keep you….awake……until……

I guarantee the kids will love being in on the joke for at least the next 365 nights. 

Although digitally created, the illustrations look as if they’ve been drawn in colored pencil, lending a nice soft texture to the pages. The color palette is rich, yet muted, setting just the right tone for bedtime. I’d say this picture book is pretty darn perfect. And I’m thinking that we may be seeing more of Penguin and Tiny Shrimp and other things that they don’t do sometime down the road…just guessing….

TITLE: Penguin and Tiny Shrimp Don’t Do Bedtime

Author: Cate Berry

Illustrator: Charles Santoso

Publisher: Harper Collins, Balzer & Bray 2018

Ages: 2-6

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16 thoughts on “Penguin & Tiny Shrimp Don’t Do Bedtime! – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. Barbara Gruener says:

    Looks absolutely precious! I used to have a little one who “doesn’t do bedtime” … I will have to find a copy of this for when he has children of his own!

  2. Sue Heavenrich says:

    I love the whole premise! And I’m in luck – our library system has it and I’ve got it reserved! Can’t wait to read about penguin and shrimp.

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      It’s so funny how each child is a different shake of the same genes. It is a fun and funny book. Maybe it could help the fighter acquiesce? Maybe I should try it on my husband, too. He’s one of those night owls, who insists on trying to read a book and still tries to stay awake to read after it hits him in the face, LOL.

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