After the Fall – Perfect Picture Book Friday

STOP THE PRESSES!!! Announcing the first picture book to win both the Caldecott and the Newbery!!!! 

Well, if the judging were up to me, that is.

Seriously, folks. This book gobsmacked me. Dan Santat has created a touching, funny book about overcoming your fears, and in the process transforming your life.

“My name is Humpty Dumpty.

This was my favorite spot, high up on the wall.

I know, it’s an odd place for an egg to be,

but I loved being close to the birds.”

Are you smiling, yet?

“Then one day, I fell. (I’m sort of famous for that part.)

Folks called it ‘The Great Fall,’ which sounds a little grand.

It was just and accident. 

But it changed my life.”

Even though Humpty Dumpty recovers (thanks to Kings County Hospital), he’s not the same. “The Fall” colors his entire view of the world and its dangers, making his life so much less rich than it was before.

What will Humpty Dumpty do? Will he lead a fear-laden, circumscribed existence, his world shrinking, becoming less interesting, less fulfilling, less tasty by the day?

Any adults out there think this might be a worthwhile read?

It’s got my vote for every children’s book award out there. Find it. Read it. It doesn’t matter whether you have any kids in your life or not. Sometimes, you just need a little reminder of how glorious children’s literature can be.

Interesting note: In an All The Wonders podcast, Santat explains that this book is a love letter to his wife who overcame severe anxiety.

TITLE: After the Fall

Author/Illustrator: Dan Santat

Publisher: Roaring Book Press, 2017

Age Range: From zero to infinity and beyond

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15 thoughts on “After the Fall – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. Beth Anderson says:

    My copy arrived yesterday – LOVE this book! and this morning I listened to Dan Santat being interviewed on All the Wonders podcast. Even the very experienced agonize over every page!

  2. Cathy Ballou Mealey says:

    It is an amazing story. Got my copy today! Lots to ponder about how these great books are created. He is so generous to share so much of the book’s creation and evolution!

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      Exactly! Masterful, that’s the right word. And after listening to the description of his process while writing this book, I am in complete awe. I really do think it deserves both awards.

  3. Diane Tulloch says:

    Oooh going by your review and the comments here this is a must read. As yet I haven’t listened to the podcast but will do soon. They say the best stories have a little of us in them and heart. Got to look out for this one. Cheers thanks for sharing.

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