Cupid’s Heart Finds a Home

Thought I’d come back to life for a moment and enter Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentiny story competition. Rules: 1) story must contain a character who is confused, 2) be no more than 214 words, and 3) be written for kids to enjoy. Well, maybe I’m entertaining and distracting myself, too, in these troubling times. So here’s my 214-word story….

69079793 - pink heart box and chocolates with heart shape to give in valentine's day.

Cupid’s Heart Finds a Home


By Jilanne Hoffmann


Dear Stupid Cupid,

Last year, you gave me a green candy cane. I barfed. Please don’t do that again.

Disgustedly Yours,



Dear Hurty Gertie,

You hurt my feelings. It’s not nice to call someone stupid.

Sorry you’ve been sick. I know nothing about candy canes or the color green. I only know about chocolate, the color red, and hearts. Maybe you have me confused with someone else?




Dear Clueless and Confused Cupid,

Sorry to hurt your feelings, but I’m sure it was you. Speaking of red, you wear a red suit, don’t you?




Dear Gertie,

No, I wear my birthday suit.


Bare-bunned Cupid


Dear Birthday Suit Cupid,

Now I’m confused. My birthday’s in June, but I got the candy cane in December, along with a bunch of toys. Does your mom really let you go outside naked?




Dear Gertie,

I have no family, no home. I’m just a lonely cherub, spreading love and chocolate around the world, not toys.




Dear Sad and Homeless Cupid,

Please come live with me! You can sleep in my room, and I’ll give you clothes to wear. We’ll hide the chocolates under my bed.

Your friend,



Dearest Gertie,

On my way! Happy Valentine’s Day!

All my love,



Now, if I were a lit major, I’d read between the lines and realize that this story is really about becoming a little less selfish and welcoming those who need a little extra love and support into our homes. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


91 thoughts on “Cupid’s Heart Finds a Home

  1. Lady Fancifull says:

    It is always (sadly rare, these days) a DELIGHT to find you popping up in my Reader. Please Pop Up more often. We are all in need of smiles and kindness.

    However……I am also wondering at the power of ridicule and popping vanity balloons as a tool for change. Could one LAUGH a narcissist out of power? A friend posted a link which purported to say that the wonderful Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer sketch ‘hurt’ intended target most BECAUSE having him portrayed by a woman damaged his credibility in some way……….if this is true, I am dreaming of an army of thousands of women marching doing Team Trump impressions. Where is the nearest comedy impressionist and lampooning evening class…………….

  2. celticsea says:

    Jilianne, I love reading how differently folks respond to the prompt. You show a great sense of humor through your characters and I am definitely glad there was a happy ending for Gertie and Cupid. Good luck with the contest!

  3. chattytcp says:

    Dear, Jilanne,

    What a clever way to showcase your story! I love the letter writing back and forth. Gertie and Cupid are just adorable, and I’m delighted to see Gertie’s generosity. Congrats on a sweet story and good luck!

    Chattytcp 😉

    • dkatiepowellart says:

      I wish I could have edited as I thought more after reading aloud to Mitchell. It also shows, in these extremely sad times, how two people work through anger and differences…. Wish we could do that….

      • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

        Yes, that’s one reason why I think children’s books are so important. They can provide subtle examples of how individuals can approach their differences and come to some kind of understanding without doing horrible things to each other. I just finished reading “Samurai Rising,” an historical account of one of the most famous samurais in all Japan. I do think that humans have become slightly more kind to one another and marginally less violent since the 1100s feudal societies. I’m thinking we’ve got such a long way to go, though. It’s a bit discouraging.

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      Thank you! Let me give you a short hand explanation. Gertie is confused. She thinks that Cupid gave her toys and a green candy cane at Christmas, the candy cane that made her sick. So she’s writing to Cupid, asking him not to do that again. Cupid is confused because he only gives chocolates and hearts out for his day. But he doesn’t know about Santa. That’s why Gertie wants to confirm that Cupid dresses in red, Santa’s color. Santa wears a red suit while Cupid wanders the world as a naked cherub. Does that help? If the story were illustrated, it would most likely make much more sense. Thank you for the best wishes and for stopping by and commenting! Cheers!

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      Thank you, Catherine! Yes, I am well, but I’ve been scarce, lately. Am trying to balance my picture book work with all of my other activities. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! “See” you soon!

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      Thanks, Kate! Happy Heart Day to you, too! Hope all is going well with your writing. I’ve been trying to stop by all the blogs I’ve been missing reading for the past many months. Yours is on my list! “See” you soon!

  4. Sandy says:

    What a great way to tell your story and to show that as long as we keep lines of communication open there is always a way to work things out. Loved it!

  5. Traci Bold says:

    Jilanne, this is really funny and well done. The underlying message comes out honestly and not forced. I really like this. Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck to you too!

  6. SpeechVine says:

    Jilanne, what a great story! I love how the two become friends and how she offers cupid a home. I’m also very jealous of your travel record; I’ve been to five continents and am hoping to get to the last two too.

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      Thank you! Travel, you say. I’m not sure I’ll make it to Antarctica, although Emperor Penguins could change my mind. I’ve seen quite a few other types of penguins, just not the biggies. We’ll see how things go once my son is grown. Who knows, I may hop a research vessel or some such thing….Let me know if you ever decide to go. It could inspire me to pack a bag and head out with you! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  7. Cathy Ballou Mealey says:

    Glad they persisted until the miscommunication was cleared up! Well done! May all your candy be sweet and not sickening.

  8. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Hahaha! Very funny, Jilanne! There certainly was a lot of confusion in THAT story! 🙂 Glad it all worked out in the end, though, and hope there were no more green candy canes! 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the Valentiny fun!

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