When HeyLookAWriterFellow (Mike Allegra) sent my son a “Celebrate” stamp (see post “Celebrate Cats!”),

And it has come to this.

he didn’t know what he was getting himself into—or maybe he did. 

My son thanked Mike for the stamp by creating a new stamp, “Celebrate Falling!”

Celebrate Falling

and a comic book (see post “Alien Invasion – A Graphic Novel” and sending them as gifts.

So I was surprised when he received a new stamp from Mike in the mail last week:

Credit: Mike Allegra

Credit: Mike Allegra

and a lovely note, encouraging him to keep drawing and creating. So now young Master Hoffmann is sending a thank-you note with the following stamps to add to Mike’s “collection”:

credit: Young Master Hoffmann

Celebrate Brick Walls!! credit: Young Master Hoffmann

credit: Young Master Hoffmann

Celebrate Stunt Guys!! credit: Young Master Hoffmann

credit: Young Master Hoffmann

Celebrate Cash!! credit: Young Master Hoffmann

This last one is a “twofer,” celebrating stamps and cash (although this particular combo hasn’t worked for the always bankrupt postal service).

I don’t think my son believes that being an illustrator is a quick way to earn cash, but he plans to “make millions” by selling everything from lemonade to cookies to comic books at a stand he’s setting up with friends in a local park. We’ll see how that shakes out.

Instead, I think his “cashing out” dreams are right in line with the other tongue-in-cheek stamps he’s created to celebrate falling, diving into concrete swimming pools or crashing into brick walls. Any artist can identify with all of those calamities. There’s a certain Three Stooges meets Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner sensibility at work. 

So I would like to take this time to honor and celebrate all the great illustrators we know and love, including HeyLookAWriterFellow (who WILL one day–in the not to distant future, right Mike??– give the world a book filled with his fabulous illustrations).

Here are a handful of a few favorite illustrators:

Judy Schachner (author/illustrator) Skippyjon Jones series

David Macaulay (illustrator)  The (New) Way Things Work (author – Neil Ardley), architecture, etc. (one of my son’s favorites)

Way things work.jpg

Nina Laden – (author/illustrator) The Night I Followed the Dog

Graeme Base – (author/illustrator) Uno’s Garden

David Gardner (illustrator) Sarah Gives Thanks (Mike Allegra -author) 


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.17.31 PM

For those wanting to delve deeper into the pool of illustrators, spend a few hours at these Web sites:

Caldecott Winners List

Illustrators Online

SCBWI Illustrator’s Gallery

Happy Viewing!! 

And when you’re done with that, 101BOOKS just posted a phenomenal video-illustration of The Old Man and the Sea.

Oh, and Mike, please don’t feel pressured to continue the “Stamps Arms Race.” :o)

15 thoughts on “Celebrate—Illustrators!!

  1. heylookawriterfellow says:

    Oh, Jilanne, you are so sweet! But I am not an illustrator. I am a glorified doodler.

    Now that David Gardner fellow is an illustrator! I appreciate you putting David on your list of favorites. He is not only is a spectacular artist, but also an all around great fellow.

    Speaking of great artists, not only can your boy draw, he can draw funny. All of his stamps are a hoot, but that “Woohoo! I’m gonna die!” one made me snort. So kudos to you, young man!

    And FYI, the stamp arms race is ON!

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