One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to 4amWriter, otherwise known as Limebird Kate, for sending the One Lovely Blog Award my way.

Clearly, she has never seen my office, brushed aside the cobwebs, or moved the piles of mail and newspapers off my dining room table so that food can be eaten.

When I think of “lovely,” I think of all things clean, orderly, and quietly beautiful. I think of a sense of calm and perhaps a bit of the sublime.

sublime [səˈblaɪm]


1. of high moral, aesthetic, intellectual, or spiritual value; noble; exalted
2. inspiring deep veneration, awe, or uplifting emotion because of its beauty, nobility, grandeur, or immensity
3. unparalleled; supreme a sublime compliment
4. Poetic of proud bearing or aspect
5. Archaic raised up
the sublime
1. something that is sublime
2. the ultimate degree or perfect example, the sublime of folly

1. (tr) to make higher or purer
2. (Chemistry) to change or cause to change directly from a solid to a vapour or gas without first melting to sublime iodine many mercury salts sublime when heated
3. (Chemistry) to undergo or cause to undergo this process followed by a reverse change directly from a vapour to a solid to sublime iodine onto glass

[from Latin sublīmis lofty, perhaps from sub- up to + līmen lintel]

So perhaps, my blog is this fantastic mask,

Who is the real me?

Who is the real me?

a face presented to the world that is not completely accurate or truthful. Or perhaps it’s a different kind of truth. I posed this question once long ago: Warp and Woof

Or maybe I’m reading too much into this word, lovely, which is something I often do because I’m avoiding other work that is more pressing and likely to give me heartburn.

But Kate’s award is a blessing that comes with no rules–and no GI distress. I’m freeeeee! And freedom tastes of reality!

—or does it?

This freedom feels like a freewriting exercise, morning pages. Who knows what will fall from the sky? Sometimes nothing, not even a cloud. But at least I’ll be here writing when something does happen. Like when that Lovely Blog award showed up in pink on my blogstep–and put a smile on my face.

Thanks, Kate!

I’d like to send my own little package of goodness to these folks who are busily blogging into the fresh hours, not knowing when the universe will send something their way, be it dark matter or a pink package filled with appreciation. Three are new to my list of favorites, but I have mentioned the other two before. No matter. It just means I’m still enjoying them. And like I said, no rules rules!!! 

Fictionfan (book reviews)

CafeCasey (essays)

Alarmingman (haiku)

Shrinksarentcheap (poetry)

Mypenandme (poetry)


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