Surprise Valentine Poem for You

A friend’s poetry chapbook arrived in the mail today, just in time. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“Selene cut the blooms from the neighbors’ roses,
Floating them with oil in the bath. I counted
Twelve wicks. Less my bifocals, they were straight tongues.
Making love in petals and half-drowned rose scent
Feels like something aphids do after rainstorms.”

–From Strutting, Attracting, Snapping  

Poems by Michael Odom


Go ahead, you know you want to buy this book…you’re only a click away. 

5 thoughts on “Surprise Valentine Poem for You

  1. Call of the Siren says:

    Odom’s poetry seems very David Ferry-esque … lovely mix of the contemporary and the classical. Not to mention the cover is pretty great. I just ordered my copy! Send him my best wishes for continued success!

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      Thanks, Nick! I will pass on your kind words to Michael. My bookstore just called to tell me my copy of “Demonologist” has arrived, so I asked them to set aside a copy of “Bewilderment” for me, too. Can’t wait to walk up the hill this afternoon!

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