Overdue, Past Due, Delinquent, Slacker


Pick the euphemism. HeyLookAWriterFellow  just sent me a dunning notice. No, he didn’t want money; he wanted—–time. Because, you see, posting takes time. And just where the h@#!! have I been these past two months????!!!


Well, a LIBRARY ANGEL donated 12 high quality library shelving units to our school. The catch? They needed to be removed from the donor’s location and installed in our library, with only 4 weeks of planning time. SO, I became the defacto project manager (I’m a freelancer–other parents have “real” jobs), planning for the removal and temporary storage of 330 linear feet (yes, more than a football field’s length) of books, working with our librarian to come up with a new design, recruiting and scheduling over 40 volunteers (love Google Docs), finding volunteers from other schools to take away our old shelves for free (on the Saturday we dismantled them), closing the library while I dedicated an entire week to the actual renovation, and putting it all back together once the new shelves were installed.


Out with the old


Work in progress


In with the new


More new shelves


That was Phase I. We still have some books in storage because we actually need more linear feet than provided by the 12 donated units.  Soooo, we have several new units on order.


Phase II – We will remove two of the donated units and place them elsewhere in the school and install the four new units. That will happen sometime in early December. Our LIBRARY ANGEL saved our school over $12,000. YAY!!!


During the past two months, I lost nearly 10 pounds and my arms and shoulders have significantly more definition than when we began. I am not complaining.


Look at those muscles!

[Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net]


I predict that library renovation will become the newest craze in fitness programs.


PLUS, I completed a flash fiction story and submitted it to five publications. I also just finished revising a longer short story (recently critiqued by my writers group: Dogpatch Writers Collective) that I submitted yesterday to Glimmer Train’s Family Matters competition:



And my son and I created a Halloween costume that he calls “Robo-Cat Vader.”


Robo-Cat Vader


He wired the ears with Lego motors so they rotate when he presses a remote control switch. He also inserted a hidden candy shoot. There’s a full length black fur cape and white fur paws with black toenails to go with the main body.


All this, in addition to traipsing around to soccer and baseball practices and games, the fall rash of birthday parties, school conferences and potlucks, looking for a mixed use building that will hold my husband’s company and our home under one roof, etc….and that little thing called “work,” I just couldn’t find the energy to post. Costa Rica was an eternity ago.

Oh, and since the

Chicago Cubs (1979 - Pres) aren’t in the World Series, 



10 thoughts on “Overdue, Past Due, Delinquent, Slacker

  1. heylookawriterfellow says:

    I am delighted to be responsible for your return to the blogging world. And I am a touch ashamed, too; had I known you had been so damn busy, I woulda kept my yap shut.

    But, listen, nobody needs a daily post or anything. Just don’t be a stranger, OK?

  2. Laurel Leigh says:

    Okay Hoffmann, but what will be your excuse next month? I think everyone is being extremely easy on you! That’s not even a picture of you with skinny arms, just some Wikimedia minor model. I think you’re still in Costa Rica and this “library” thing is a cover for lying on the beach drinking bloody mary’s . . . If so, can I join you?

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      So now I gotta tell you that we made 8 foot water balloon launchers this week to use at Liam’s birthday party today. Had 35 kids and an equal number of adults laying siege to a “city” we constructed with drawing paper and logs. Baker Beach will never be the same. :o) So now that the party planning and prep is over, I can get back to writing. Baker Beach did feel a bit like Costa Rica today with temps in the comfortably warm range and no wind. Fabulous! My arms are even stronger now that they’ve slung balloons a couple of hundred feet.

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