The Web’s Warp and Woof**

To Lie or Not to Lie

Oh what a tangled Web we weave

In shifting truths, unsettled strains

Tensioned crossings, chatter reigns

Throughout, this basic need—to cleave

One of many infinities.


(**Warp and Woof – essential foundation or base of any structure or organization) 

Which leads me to ask:

Question 1: “Is Lying on the Internet (no, not lying down) Illegal?”

Question 2: “Where does lying fall in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?

Are you someone else if no one knows who you really are? 

6 thoughts on “The Web’s Warp and Woof**

  1. Jilanne Hoffmann says:

    When writing fiction, what is the definition of a lie? If writers use the Internet as our medium, at what point does the written word become a lie?

    Historically, some writers have hidden their true identities behind a cloak of another name, another gender.When celebrities are allowed to hide their identities on Facebook, does it matter?

    Isn’t FB a form of fiction? A reality show with your “friends” as audience? The act of being watched altering the action or the outcome? Is every word altered when there is the expectation that it will be read by someone else? Is this altered version fiction? Theoretically, your friends on FB “know who you are,” at least physically, so you are not hiding behind the cloak of anonymity or pseudonym.

    But in the blogging sphere, far fewer know the “real” author. One can only speculate, hazard a guess. And after all is said and done–you don’t know whether you’ve been lied to or not–does it really matter? Are we all willingly participating in one colossal fiction?

  2. johnnycrabcakes says:

    Perhaps this fiction in which
    we all participate can be
    hoped to bring about some
    kind of change or healing?
    The word is just such
    a mighty thing that might
    be capable of just such
    a mighty thing…

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      I’m having a Shrödinger’s cat moment. What do you know about particle physics? I don’t know if words are up to it. Observation skews the results. Empaths, perhaps empaths are the only way to healing.

      • johnnycrabcakes says:

        I know a bit–layman’s stuff. I’m familiar with the cat, and that it’s a bit more than just “the cat is both dead and not dead,” but yeah, words fail. I get that the words only go so far. They hit a wall and I feel like I can feel that there is some thing or non-thing there, on the other side, but….

        Empathy, yes, “feeling as” vs. “feeling for” or something like that…

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