Of Artifacts and Desire

I removed a pile from a corner of my desk this morning and made an archaeological discovery. A quote, salvaged from a yellowed square, torn from some magazine thrown away long before recycling was de rigueur:

“To Wolfe, a good novel pulls you inside the central nervous system of the characters ‘and makes you feel in your bones their motivations as affected by the society of which they are a part.'”

is taped next to four equally yellowed fortune cookie slips on my desktop:

“Get your mind set–confidence will lead you on.”

“You have unusual equipment for success, use it properly.”

“Discontent is the first step in the progress of man or a nation.”

The fourth fortune cookie slip’s faded ink was unreadable, at least at first. I rubbed my thumb vigorously over the tape, heating the surface and making my thumb burn, initially removing a layer of dust. (Tests carbon-dated the dust circa 1985.)  Then the heat from my skin activated the frail pink ink through the tape (as if ink could take one last gasp of air before expiring), making it barely legible:

“Through greater effort and hard work, a precious dream comes true.”

And now as the tape cools after all that rubbing, this thin slip of a dream, this fragile ink, is fading again. 

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